julayyy (angeljulz) wrote in tracy209bitch,

my bf lives in tracy. sexy, huh? michael mariani...senior @ tracy high. i'd laugh if anyone knew him...cause that's just random :)
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yeah, r u friends with him?
I know Mike. hes one of my brother friend.

OMG you are the JULIE lol yes I know Mike. He's awesome, nice to meet you Julie My name is Alexis... LOL

oh wow this is way too funny, its nice to meet you too lol
I know Mike. I played baseball with him for 2 years. haha I love mike

-Jeremy Wetherell
haha i can't belive you did that. your so werid
oh shush tony you know you know you think your fetch :)

its funny finding people who know mike through livejournal crap. so are u and mike gonna come to moraga after finals one day? thatd be cool if you did.

bye fetch tony
i know mike, he's in my statistics class