The Taste of Silver (tasteofsilver) wrote in tracy209bitch,
The Taste of Silver

Tour help for June 4th? MA band

Hey there! We're The Taste of Silver from Arlington, MA and we're on tour this summer. We're a diverse band that plays a style of music that could poorly be described as Assuck and Charles Bronson meets up with Strife and Deadguy to go see Sonic Youth and the Pixies. June 4th we really need help with a show in CA, and I hear Tracy is the place to rock. You can hear us at and We have a new record coming out this summer and another one coming out in January that's a concept album on Hold True Records. We're three honest, respectful people that just want to play blast beats and open chords and have a good time. A basement shows, club show, hall show...even 15 minutes on your existing show is fine. Whatever's cool.

To get in touch, email, myspace us, or AIM me from0010110

This is just over two weeks away, so I hope any of you can help!!! thanks so much.
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